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Today the market a wide range of hardware locks, the locks, the door lock by purpose, channel locks, bathroom locks, etc., according to the shape of ball lock, handle lock, mortise lock. So many forms of classification includes both practicality and aesthetics, etc. conditions Locks should first consider the following points:
1 is used and the importance of the place. That is, considering the street door, landing door, room, bathroom or channel used to select the appropriate desired functionality.
(2) use of the environment, conditions and requirements. Should consider the pros and cons of using environmental conditions, such as dry humidity, door structure, thickness, left or right opening, inside or outside the door open to prevent buying the wrong product.
3 Consider the coordination and decoration environment. According to their own preferences, product purchase should consider coordinating and supporting their bedroom should be consistent.
4 Consider the situation of family members to consider whether the home of the elderly, small children or people with disabilities, choose convenient for him (her) use of the product.
5 Consider affordability combine family economic status, economic abundance can buy high-end products, less economically desirable alternative lower grade products, but note that the choice of high-end or low-end products, are to be considered whether the strength of manufacturing enterprises strong, quality is stable, recommended to choose the company's products have a considerable reputation, to avoid financial losses and to everyday life cause unnecessary trouble and distress.
6 Consider reputable dealers and service standards to prevent some dealers from their own interests, recommend some fake, shoddy goods to the consumer.
With these six o'clock guarantee, you can boldly into the market, and never fear flicker, the most important thing is safe and practical, healthy environment coupled with stylish and elegant on the ideal.