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Hot diamond yarn

Hot diamond yarn

Nowadays, after installing the windows, we will inevitably install the screens. Especially when the weather starts to heat up, the mosquitoes will get up soon. If you don't have screens, you can't stay at night. When we choose the screen window, we usually use stainless steel. However, the stainless steel mesh is particularly fine, not only is not easy to clean, but also for a long time, it is easy to fall off the steel wire, and the anti-mosquito effect is reduced. Does your home still install such a screen window?

Now home decoration, especially some medium and high-end residences, no longer have stainless steel, but choose diamond yarn. King Kong net anti-theft screens are woven with high-strength stainless steel wire. The surface is treated by electrophoretic spraying to protect against various severe weather or environmental corrosion factors such as acid rain. The structure design is people-oriented, realizing no barrier, no obstruction, no With a sense of oppression, the interior stays bright and natural at all times, making it easy to care. In addition to durability, there are many aspects that are better than stainless steel.

In terms of density, the preparation of diamond yarn is more intensive, and the anti-mosquito effect is much better than stainless steel. Although the compilation is intensive, it does not affect the lighting and the scenery. The screen window of this material can be seen particularly clearly in the room, but it is particularly blurred from the outside, and has a good anti-peeping effect.

In terms of material, diamond is an upgraded version of stainless steel, which has a good anti-corrosion effect. Even if it is often exposed to the sun and rain, it can be used for more than ten years, and it will not rust like stainless steel. problem

Also, the hardness of the diamond yarn is relatively high, unlike plastic and stainless steel screens, it will be torn by a little force. It is very difficult to tear it without a big external impact, so it is also very good in terms of anti-theft. If you have children at home, you can install such screens, which can be used as a protective net, as well as anti-mosquito, insect-proof and anti-theft.