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The new standard is officially implemented.

The new standard is officially implemented.

The hardware industry has been developing in China for nearly 30 years, but since its development, due to the lack of relevant industry regulations and guidelines, the chaos in the hardware market is still not poor. At the beginning of 2015, with the formal implementation of a series of guidelines, I believe that the hardware industry will also usher in new developments in the new year.


        "Environmental Protection Law" regulates the hardware market environment


        After more than three years of comprehensive revision, the "Environmental Protection Law" was officially implemented on January 1, 2015. The new environmental protection law has established the basic national policy of protecting the environment in the form of law, and designated June 5 as the environmental day. Its innovative design has "pull on a daily basis" and gives environmental law enforcement officers the power to seal up and detain them. The environmental protection department can directly limit or stop production of excessive or excessive amounts of behavior.


        The introduction of the new environmental protection law is about to set off a green revolution in the hardware industry. This undoubtedly has a "tightening curse" for the sales of hardware companies that have been stupid. In October 2014, the “Air Pollutant Emission Standard for Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Industry”, which meets the requirements for pollutant discharge in the furniture manufacturing industry, has been consulted on the official website of the Beijing Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau. This standard is also called “the strictest in history”. Environmental emission standards. This has played a significant role in promoting the specification of the hardware market.


        The "New Regulations" Solve the Problem of Funds for Hardware Enterprises

        For the financial industry, the bell of the New Year is a doorbell, and the open "door" is going to be bigger. The State Council recently announced the revised Regulations on the Administration of Foreign-funded Banks (hereinafter referred to as the “New Regulations”), which was officially implemented on January 1, 2015. According to the new regulations, the opening requirements have been changed from three years to more than one year, and no longer require two years before the application to make a profit, and that a branch of a foreign bank has been approved to operate the renminbi business, the bank established in the country. Other branches applying for the operation of RMB business are not subject to the opening time limit.


        As the “cake” of the financial market grows bigger and bigger, the financial problems of hardware companies have also been solved. In recent years, due to the high price of raw materials and other factors, the development of hardware companies is often subject to funding constraints. And all financial institutions have become the "intimate people" of hardware companies. The capital turnover is a problem encountered by many hardware companies in 2014. With the promulgation of the “New Regulations” in 2015, there are many “foreign monks” and many opportunities that can be grasped.


        The promulgation and implementation of various regulations not only regulate the development of the hardware market, but also promote the sound development of hardware enterprises to a certain extent. In 2015, the sails have already risen, and hardware companies need to be aggressive in this favorable situation to achieve the expected goals of the new year.